09. bis 11. Juli 2018


Not just another road, but a green and healthy Silk Road

G-ROAD.COM is a sustainable and outstanding vision of a successful green and healthy civilization along the Silk Road inspired by its rich cultural heritage and forward-looking holistic G-IDEAS.

Based on a comprehensive research G-IDEAS are created to encounter visionary opportunities that reflect environmental challenges, health technologies, local identities, social conditions and cultural diversity.

Deliberately designed from various sources these concepts aim at your own green inspiration. Each project is a sustainable dream by itself and connected with the long-lasting story of the G-ROAD. In its entirety G-ROAD.COM forms an impressive rhapsody in green, a vision of a green and healthy development and to be shared generously with future generations.

Exhibition: 9.7. – 11.7.2018
Colloquium: 10.7.2018, 19.30 p.m.
Location: CLB Berlin, Aufbau Haus, entrance via Oranienstraße 142, 10969 Berlin

Peter Ruge Architekten in cooperation with CLB Berlin, ski stadtkultur international ev, DIA at Hochschule Anhalt


Photo: Copyright by Peter Ruge Architekten


09. bis 11. Juli 2018


CLB Berlin im Aufbau Haus
Prinzenstraße 84.2
10969 Deutschland

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Peter Ruge Architekten