21.11.2020 – 12.03.2021

berlin_lokal_zeit | Phänomenologie der Pandemie

Dear friends,

the lockdown has just closed our gallery space. But that doesn’t stop us from launching our new art project on the phenomenology of the pandemic:


From 21st of November 2020, we will offer a varied programme of city walks, perception experiments, window displays, radio shows, online streaming and much more, which can be experienced alone or with the family.

Our project focuses on observations and reflections of everyday life in the city during the pandemic. Which phenomena are emerging, how are they changing and how do our attitudes towards them change over time?

We invite you to follow our traces, join us and contribute in the coming weeks.
You can find our current activities on the following channels:

Web            berlinlokalzeit.de
Telegram     berlin_lokal_zeit
Instagram   #berlin_lokal_zeit
Facebook   @berlin_lokal_zeit
Radio          radio aporee

Stay healthy and be greeted warmly!

By and with Kim Albrecht, Sam Auinger, Ingrid Beirer, Peter Cusack, Eliot Felde, Maren Hartmann, Martina Huber, Almut Hüfler, Susanne Jaschko, Max Joy, katrinem, Udo Noll, Dietmar Offenhuber, Nika Radic, Ursula Rogg, Sven Sappelt, Holger Schulze, Georg Spehr, Zoe Spehr, Hannes Strobl and Linh Hoang Thuy.

Supported by
Österreichisches Kulturforum in Berlin and Botschaft der Republik Kroatien in Berlin.


21.11.2020 – 12.03.2021


CLB Berlin
Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz
10969 Deutschland