19. – 24.08.2019

beyond bauhaus Summer School

International Open Call

Designing Social Innovation.
Designing processes for social change

beyond bauhaus summer school
Berlin, 19-24 August 2019

How can design change the world? For one week we will work together with experts from a variety of disciplines to explore what design can do for society. What can designers contribute to social integration, to economic sustainability or to effective climate control? How can architects enhance urban environments and at the same time create social equilibrium? How can cultural professionals initiate and effectively shape processes of social transformation? What kinds of tools exist and what perspectives would these create?
During the week there will also be the opportunity to receive support in the further development of individual projects.

The programme includes:

(1.) Professional input (Design Ethics, Vision & Strategy, Social Entrepreneurship)
(2.) Moderated workshops (Design Thinking)
(3.) Individual coaching
(4.) Exchange with recipients of the international beyond bauhaus competition
(5.) Participation in international beyond bauhaus network events

The tuition languages are in English and German. If needed, translations can be made into English.

All participants of the Summer School will receive a certificate of participation from the design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design.

The beyond bauhaus Summer School will be staged as part of the results presentation of the international design competition, ‘beyond bauhaus – prototyping the future’, in which around 1500 designers from 50 countries participated (opening: 16.08.19).

Eligibility requirements

Applications for participation in the Summer School are open to postgraduate students and practitioners from all countries. Twenty places are available, and are allocated on the basis of professional qualifications and thematic relevance. The participation fee for the Summer School is 900 Euro.
The participation fee covers the complete course programme including materials.
Travel, accommodation and meals must be self-organised.


Please send a one-page letter of motivation and a curriculum vitae by 16 June 2019. To be sent by email to: summerschool@beyondbauhaus.com

The opportunity to work on individual project ideas during the week is optional and is not a condition for participation.


The beyond bauhaus summer school 2019 is a joint initiative between CLB Berlin, design akademie Berlin and Germany – Land of Ideas.
Directed by Dr. Sven Sappelt and Prof. Ralf Kemmer.


19. – 24.08.2019