21.04.2021 um 18:00


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Come join us at the opening of our new exhibition MigraTouriSpace!
MigraTouriSpace is an artistic exploration of travel as an approach to the phenomena of migration and tourism. It deals with the traveling of images, people and spaces. Spatial migration refers to migration in which spaces also migrate with people. Tourism no longer means vacation as a state of exception, but the tourist gaze that, taken home, has long since shaped what is called everyday life.

Curator: Stefanie B├╝rkle, TU Berlin

Artistic assistance & project coordination: Janin Walter

Scientific team: Ilkin Akpinar, Tae Woon Hur, Aaron Lang, Gabriel Banks, Berit Hummel

Further information on the project on: www.stefanie-buerkle.de, www.kunst.tu-berlin.de

Current infection control regulations require limited access to the exhibition and events. To ensure a safe and healthy environment, you are requested to book your visit in advance. Please note that you can only visit the exhibition or event with proof of a daily negative corona test from an official testing site. Masks are mandatory.

You can also participate in all events via Zoom, just follow this link shortly before the event.




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